Date Nights

Eric Schlosser has had a pretty dramatic impact on our lives.  Cherie read Fast Food Nation while she was recuperating from a severe bout of food poisoning.  The book inspired her to change her diet and started her down the road toward an organic sustainable lifestyle.  Her journey inspired me along the way and eventually I got on board too.  Obviously we’ve made some very significant changes to our lives since she read that book.

So when we learned that he was coming to speak at N.C. State University in Raleigh we decided to make that a “date night.”

On our date nights we try to find something fun and interesting to do away from the farm. We’re fortunate to have several colleges and universities within a couple hours of here and that’s where nerds like us can usually find the kind of night out that we like.  This year we’ve seen Charles Eisenstein speak at UNC and Carrie Newcomer perform at Duke, for example.  As was the case with Eric Schlosser’s talk, the events were uncrowded and free to the public.  Next month we’re going to see Vandana Shiva at Wake Forest. Also free.

Mr. Schlosser was discussing his latest book, Command and Control, which examines the history of the handling of our country’s arsenal of nuclear weapons and specifically the near-disasters that have occurred. I haven’t read the book but I have added it to my long list of wanna-reads.

There are plenty of loud and expensive ways to spend an evening away from home.  But I’d guess that nearly everyone has within a reasonable driving distance of their homes plenty of enjoyable, entertaining and enriching “date night” options that cost nothing other than the gas to get there. I’m glad that we do.