Feeding the Chickens

We have two hanging feeders in the chicken coop.  They always have feed in them, to supplement what the chickens get from their foraging.

The feeders are designed so that the feed is poured in at the top and the chickens eat it out of an opening at the bottom.

Our chickens don’t like it that way.  They prefer to perch on top of the feeder (or crane their necks down into it) and eat from the top.  I tried explaining to them that they’re doing it all wrong, but they just ignore me.



One of the youngsters has figured out my routine.  We keep the feed in a barrel in the coop.  This chicken waits till I take the top off of the barrel, then hops over in it to feast.



I’ve been tempted to put the lid on with her in it, to see if that breaks the habit.  But instead, I just lift her out.  She always seems alarmed when I pick her up.  By now it seems to me she should be expecting it.  They’re not the brightest animals on the farm.