Harvest Moon

By nine o’clock last night clouds had rolled in from the south and covered the moon, which until then had been spectacular.  But even the clouds couldn’t contain it.  They were backlit and glowed enough to cast moonshadows and brighten the night for my evening chores.

Tonight the moon officially becomes full.  This is the Harvest Moon–the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox–and it comes very early this year.

I don’t expect I’ll need to use the light of the Harvest Moon to lengthen the working day.  But for thousands of years those who tend the land have welcomed it for that reason.  So actually maybe I will work late tonight, in honor of the moonlight that has aided harvesters for so long.

If you have the chance, go outside tonight and have a look at 2014’s Harvest Moon.  There will never be another one.

12 comments on “Harvest Moon

  1. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, God’s beauty can’t be matched, in my humble opinion. The balance of our solar system has perfect timing for things to happen at just the right time. The rising harvest moon is one of those events that strikes me too with awe and wonder. The big yellow moon seems so close that it can almost be touched. I’ve learned over the years not to get so plugged into work and projects and just stop to drink in the beauty of nature. Nature can be harsh but mostly it stays in balance and harmony …. Well, until man comes along and tries to make it better.

    When I got up on Saturday, little did I know that I would be given 30 strawberry plants for Terra Nova Gardens, my big garden, and a rose bush for my new property called “35th Street Corner”. In addition a pile of rocks were given to me to build a flower bed along the fence at 35th street Corner. But wait there’s more. The Sheriff’s clear deed to 35th Street Corner came in the mail on Saturday. It was a totally awesome day. It’s now official, in my humble opinion. I’m an urban farmer with multiple properties.

    Have a great harvest moon night.


  2. EllaDee says:

    It is a beauty. We saw it to. I love how around the world we all see the same moon 🙂


    • Bill says:

      Yes, even if we don’t see the same stars. 🙂 After I posted this it occurred to me that for my friends in the southern hemisphere this would not be a harvest moon. Beautiful nonetheless.


  3. beets in, spinach planted, moon en route


    • Bill says:

      It’s a great time of year. Unfortunately the clouds that rolled in here last night never left. It’s been cloudy all day and the moon won’t be making an appearance here tonight. Maybe tomorrow.


  4. shoreacres says:

    For me, the Harvest Moon means only one thing — the biggest offshore race in the sailing season. It’s a regatta as well, and as many as a hundred and fifty boats (maybe more) make the trip from Galveston to Port Aransas.

    Harvest Moon or simply full, there’s nothing like a night watch with that light streaming down. It’s beautiful.


  5. I’m glad it was clear Sunday evening so I could see the “almost” Harvest Moon as it clouded up and rained here last night. Sunday night it was so bright I was convinced M had left the outside light on.


  6. associatedluke says:

    Man… I can see why ancient peopel worshiped the full moon… I kinda do too.make me stand in awe of creation. Psalm 19 sorta stuff right there.


    • Bill says:

      The lesser light that governs the night.

      The moon mattered a lot to ancient people. Most ancient people, including the Hebrews, used a lunar calendar. These days few of us even seem to take notice of it.


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