Harvest Moon

By nine o’clock last night clouds had rolled in from the south and covered the moon, which until then had been spectacular.  But even the clouds couldn’t contain it.  They were backlit and glowed enough to cast moonshadows and brighten the night for my evening chores.

Tonight the moon officially becomes full.  This is the Harvest Moon–the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox–and it comes very early this year.

I don’t expect I’ll need to use the light of the Harvest Moon to lengthen the working day.  But for thousands of years those who tend the land have welcomed it for that reason.  So actually maybe I will work late tonight, in honor of the moonlight that has aided harvesters for so long.

If you have the chance, go outside tonight and have a look at 2014’s Harvest Moon.  There will never be another one.