Summer Winding Down

You probably wouldn’t know if from reading my blog, but we’ve had great production from the gardens this year. Yes, the rain split a lot of tomatoes, but we still harvested plenty.  Yes, the deer wiped out our okra, but after plowing it in we planted green beans and they’re producing beautifully.  Yes, the deer took bites out of some of our butternut squash, but most were spared and we’ll keep for ourselves the ones with deer teeth prints in them.   Nature is resilient, and so were our gardens this year.

After a rough start, our cantaloupe garden did very well.  But I didn’t time the harvest perfectly (a difficult task when you let them ripen full slip) and lots of them split or went soft.  Such little imperfections don’t affect the taste of the melon at all, but our exacting quality control supervisor (Cherie) won’t allow any of them to go to the market.  So we’ve been eating lots of cantaloupes lately.  As have the other cantaloupe-loving residents of White Flint Farm.


I’m nearly finished planting the fall gardens.  Our purple hull peas are starting to come in now–the last of our summer crops to arrive.  Over the next two months the summer goodies will finish fading away and, if all goes well, we’ll be awash in the taste of fall.

And so nature’s wonderful cycle continues.