Back when living in the country was a dream, it was a dream that included a farm dog. And not just any farm dog. I wanted a black lab. A big goofy slobbering male that I intended to name Joey.

Not long after we made the move my Grandpa’s lab Lady had a litter of puppies. All black and all but one male. He wanted us to have one of the puppies and I was excited about finally having the farm dog I’d imagined for so long.

Our daughter Peyton picked out the puppy, and I have to confess I was terribly disappointed that she chose the lone female of the litter.

Eleven years ago

Eleven years ago

Little did I know then that the puppy she selected would turn out to be the best dog of all time. We named her Ginny.

Peyton (and later Cherie) spent lots of time training Ginny. I’d never known a dog could be so intelligent. Ginny loved learning and soon obeyed dozens of commands. But best of all she was loyal, fiercely protective, joyful and loving.

Ginny is old and gray now. She still has all of her great qualities though, and would still chase off a coyote if necessary.

She’s been ill the past few weeks and that’s been upsetting around here. She has some sort of stomach ailment and while she’s showing some signs of improvement, we continue to worry about her. Cherie has spent a lot of time and effort trying to figure out what the problem is and to help her get over it.

Ginny has recovered from some very serious injuries during her sometimes tumultuous life. Hopefully she’s on the mend from this thing too and will be back to normal soon.

The best dog ever

The best dog ever