The Culls


When we pick the produce, some of it always is unsuitable for market.  Anything that is split, or has a bruise, bug bite or worm hole doesn’t go to market.  We eat those.  We eat the culls.

There’s nothing at all wrong with the produce we keep for ourselves.  It’s delicious.  It’s just not pretty enough to sell at the market.

Yesterday I made this awesome tomato sandwich.  The tomato had a bad spot on it, which was easily enough cut away.  Now doesn’t that look like a great snack?


Heart-shaped. It grew that way.


Sometimes we have produce that doesn’t make it to the market even though there was nothing wrong with it at all. Those watermelons in the picture at the top of the post looked fine when I picked them.  But like a dummy I allowed them to roll out of the bed of the RTV when I was hauling a load of them from the garden.

So two of them ended up cut up and in our refrigerator.  They were a tasty addition to our supper.

The rest were put to good use too.