Before posting comments online, we may all need to ask if we are contributing to a conversation or simply making obnoxious noise.
Jack Heller

I’ve now had over 7,000 comments on this blog.  I’ve come to enjoy responding to the comments as much I do composing the post itself.  It feels more like conversation that way.

For years this blog was a soliloquy. I never encouraged or responded to comments. As I’ve learned to appreciate comments I’ve tried to become better about leaving them.  Even now I read lots of blogs but don’t often comment (but I’m trying to get better).

Now that I pay attention to comments I’ve noticed that on some sites, particularly those that are focused on current events or religion, the comment section is often ugly and brawling, filled with meanness and bile.  Often the commenters are merely hurling insults at one another, rather than having in a meaningful discussion.  I’m thankful that doesn’t happen here.  Over the years a few comments here have been head-scratchers and a few have seemed like invitations to an argument, but those have been extremely rare.

I don’t recall ever deleting a comment and I enjoy having a diversity of viewpoints.  But if there are ever comments on this blog that are rude, offensive or inconsiderate to others, I’ll delete them. The internet is full of sites that seem to welcome and feed upon such comments. It doesn’t need one more.

So to those of you have commented here, whether frequently or rarely, thanks for the great conversation and thanks for keeping it civil.  That’s the way things ought to be.