I just read that our state’s former attorney general (and unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate) has launched an interesting new business.  Instead of moving on to the lucrative pastures known as “consulting” (as so many former politicians do), he has formed a company called “Virginia Self Defense Law” (their website is HERE), which for a fee of $135-150/year provides prepaid legal services to anyone who later is named as a defendant in a criminal or civil proceeding arising out of the use of a firearm.

That seems a bit weird to me. I have to wonder why anyone would think something like that to be so likely that they’d prepay for a lawyer to defend them.  I suppose it would be a good bargain for anyone who is planning to do something that will likely make them a defendant. If anyone buys this and does end up getting sued or prosecuted for an offense arising out of the use of a firearm, I expect the prosecutor/plaintiff’s counsel would have a field day with that fact.

Having said that, we farmers have something similar, but more sensible.  We’re members of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. As members, in addition to supporting advocacy for food freedom we are able to consult with an FCLD staff attorney for advice on matters related to government regulation of direct sales of farm-produced food, and to obtain potential representation in the event the farm becomes the subject of some USDA action (as often happens with farms selling raw milk).

FCLD membership makes sense to me.  Prepaid defense for being prosecuted for crimes involving the use of a gun?  Not so much.