Farmers Market

Yesterday I planned to take photos of our friends and fellow vendors at the farmers’ market and write a post about the community and camaraderie there.  But it was a busy day and, alas, I only took one picture, but it was of my favorite vendor.


I see our market as a little snapshot of the emerging alternative community-based economy I like to imagine.  There are now more than 8,200 farmers markets in the U.S.–a whopping 76% increase since 2008.

Community support of the market is improving.  More and more people are choosing to do their grocery shopping at the farmers’ market first, buying from grocery stores only what they need and can’t find there.  It seems to me that appreciation and awareness of seasonal eating is increasing too.  It’s being rediscovered.

This is a great time of year for local produce.  Here’s a sampling of what we took to the market yesterday.


With fresh goodies like that available, it’s no wonder farmers’ markets are so popular these days.

18 comments on “Farmers Market

  1. Jeff says:

    Here’s another statistic that bolsters your observation. I applied for and was accepted into the Master Gardener program here, which is sponsored by the Ag Center. It’s competitive – there were over 40 applicants for 20 slots. The woman who gave the orientation presentation said that five years ago, questions about vegetable gardening were almost non-existent. Now, however, there are a ton of questions about the topic. One of the duties of a Master Gardener is to answer calls at the Ag Center from people with questions about horticulture. Vegetable gardening is obviously horticulture, but I thought, going into the program, that it was only about vegetable gardening. It isn’t – it’s about all kinds of horticulture. I think this will be an interesting adventure. Who knows – maybe I’ll plant a garden next year. Vegetable gardening in South Florida is quite a challenge. You think you have bugs? Hah!!


    • Bill says:

      Excellent! Congrats and good luck!
      I see evidence all around of a growing interest in gardening and food production. Even here the food movement is alive and well.


  2. DM says:

    just wow. What a beautiful assortment of fresh produce! Just looking @ that last picture and then thinking about your recent post on work… You guys are doing a fantastic job. I have done that in the past as well..take the camera to the farmers market and take pictures of the other vendors. Great minds think alike 😉 DM


  3. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, This time of the year is when all the overcoming of the yearly garden challenges is worth it. The time when the harvest comes to full force. Your produce looks awesome. No wonder you sell out every week. I hope and pray that your income continues to increase all through the fall season.

    I heard on the radio a few days ago that we are getting a year round farmer’s market here in my city. It will be open for business in 2017. Really? Three years to prepare a building for an indoor farmer’s market? What’s up with that? We are also getting a live meat market next year. One can pick out the bird or animal that you would like. While you wait, the animal or bird is slaughtered and wrapped for you. No it’s not done right before the public’s eyes but in a closed off area that meets all city code food inspections for such things. Larger animals might take a day or two to process but the concept of choosing the animal of choice is still the same. That’s quite a novel idea I thought.

    Have a great farmer’s market day.


    • Bill says:

      I love that concept and it’s great that you’ll have a year round farmers market (though I don’t understand why it would take 3 years to launch it). I’m really encouraged by the surge of interest in locally produced food.


  4. Dani says:

    Beautifully displayed – makes one’s mouth water to look at, and the urge to purchase is therefore enhanced 🙂


  5. shoreacres says:

    You’ve commented before about how interesting it is to see variations in growth and harvest around the country. Much of what you have so beautifully displayed here — the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant — have finished here for the time being. The greens finally are done here, too, but we’re awash now in melons, peaches, black-eyed peas, green beans, lady cream peas, and so on.

    I did see the usefulness of iGadgets in action yesterday. I’ve mentioned that my favorite seller sends an email on Friday telling us what’s available, and we can reserve by return email. When I got home after picking up my goodies yesterday, I discovered my green beans and purple hull peas were missing. I drove back to the market, and said, “Oops!” When she consulted her list, she didn’t have me down for either beans or peas. So, out with the smart phone! She pulled up my email, and lo — there was my request. She just missed it. They were out, so she said she’d make sure I get some next week.

    That’s a wonderful example of someone using technology appropriately, as a tool!


    • Bill says:

      Sorry you had to go back but glad you were gracious about it. We goof up sometimes too. We’ve given folks egg cartons with only 11 eggs. We’ve forgotten to pack an order. We’ve gotten orders mixed up and given people the wrong things. It doesn’t happen often but it’s embarrassing when it does. It helps when people aren’t too grumpy about it.

      We’re transitioning out of some things now. Summer squash and cukes are done, for example. But our winter squash and cantaloupes are kicking in and we have purple hull peas right around the corner. And it’s time to start planting our fall gardens. 🙂


  6. C.C. says:

    Wow, that’s a bounty and a beauty! Kudos for amazing production!


  7. rhondajean says:

    It’s great you were so busy. Bill, is that a photo of your produce? You grow mushrooms? The tomatoes look spectacular.


  8. EllaDee says:

    So many times I go to farmers market with plans of taking photos… but I get busy browsing, chatting and buying… and the photo opportunity is gone. Definitely progress here with farmers markets and stalls. We were late getting out on Saturday, and the pickings were slim.


    • Bill says:

      Maybe this weekend I’ll be better about taking some pictures. Here there tends to be a big rush in the morning. The selection is definitely better then.


  9. jubilare says:

    Encouraging stuff! We’ve gone from one farmers market, when I was a kid, to four or five in the city, now. It’s wunnerful!


    • Bill says:

      Another encouraging aspect of it is to see how many vendors are now growing their food naturally and chemical-free. Just a few years ago we were the only one. Now there are lots and the number is growing.

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