Farmers Market

Yesterday I planned to take photos of our friends and fellow vendors at the farmers’ market and write a post about the community and camaraderie there.  But it was a busy day and, alas, I only took one picture, but it was of my favorite vendor.


I see our market as a little snapshot of the emerging alternative community-based economy I like to imagine.  There are now more than 8,200 farmers markets in the U.S.–a whopping 76% increase since 2008.

Community support of the market is improving.  More and more people are choosing to do their grocery shopping at the farmers’ market first, buying from grocery stores only what they need and can’t find there.  It seems to me that appreciation and awareness of seasonal eating is increasing too.  It’s being rediscovered.

This is a great time of year for local produce.  Here’s a sampling of what we took to the market yesterday.


With fresh goodies like that available, it’s no wonder farmers’ markets are so popular these days.