Savoring Summer

Sunflowers at dusk

Sunflowers at dusk

Yesterday was the once-a-year workathon we call “Corn Day.”  We spent most of the day harvesting and put up the sweet corn.  I was pleased to have sweet corn to harvest.  Last year the raccoons didn’t leave us any.  Cherie froze enough to make sure we’ll be enjoying its summer goodness all year.

Luckily for us we have interns on Tuesday–our friends Matt and Jennifer.  We were very glad to have their help and their company.

We had some excitement earlier in the morning when we discovered the pigs were out of their pasture.  It seems I left one of the gates open when I went in to clean their water trough a few days ago.

It was obvious that they were enjoying themselves.  Having found a good wallow, they were in no hurry to return home.


But Rowan definitely did not want them in his pasture.


So he chased them around a while, ruining our attempts to put them back where they belonged.


Eventually we drove Rowan away and were able to get the pigs to their own pasture.  From a distance, he continued to snort and prance around while we herded them home.

Late in the day we took a break from shucking corn to enjoy our first watermelon of the year, a fat juicy Crimson Sweet.

One of things I love about seasonal eating is how new delights always step in to replace those that are fading out.  The days of having freshly sliced cucumbers in the refrigerator are ending, for example, just as the days of having freshly cut watermelon in the refrigerator are beginning.

We’re savoring our summer.