Stormy Weather

There was some really nasty weather in our part of the world yesterday.  A tornado touched down a few miles away, which is very unusual here.

Fortunately the bad stuff only brushed us.  We got some much-needed rain and little else.

But it did put on a show in the sky.



Notice the trees bending in the wind

Notice the trees bending in the wind

The aftermath.  Starting to clear up.

The aftermath. Starting to clear up.



10 comments on “Stormy Weather

  1. bobraxton says:

    In 1947 I was barely three years old — but I do remember the aftermath of a farm tornado which demolished the turkey (raising) house of my paternal grandfather and “tore” off part of the barn’s metal roofing (tin). Near north edge of Chatham County, NC – ancestral area.


    • Bill says:

      Tornadoes are pretty rare around here, and when we have them they are small by comparison to the monsters of the Midwest. Still, I’d rather not have them around.


  2. Bill, I’m glad to hear that the storm didn’t damage any of your buildings. I hope the gardens made it through the nasty weather as well. I assume they did since you didn’t mention any devastation. Mother nature can really get riled up at times. The weather has indeed been really weird this year and things have been happening that are totally out of the normal weather patterns. My prayer is that you will continue to miss the extreme garden damaging weather.

    Have a great non extreme stormy weather day.


    • Bill says:

      All we got was a typical summer thunderstorm. And a fairly mild one at that. I wouldn’t have even known about the tornado had I not gotten a text from my former secretary saying she heard about the storm and just wanted to make sure we were OK. So I went on the internet to see what she was talking about. I had taken these pictures just because I liked the way the sky looked. Little did I know how violent it was not very far away.


  3. So happy you came through okay! Sure was beautiful in the sky, though. 🙂 Safe farming!!


  4. Glad you came through all right. Tornadoes are fearsome things.


    • Bill says:

      Thanks. We don’t have the monster tornadoes that other parts of the country have, but as you say they are all fearsome. I don’t think this one ended up doing much damage, fortunately.


  5. shoreacres says:

    Last week there was a weak one down the road from me – EF0, I think. I did see a couple of waterspouts while I was at work. Those can do some damage, but they’re usually pretty short-lived.

    Was your storm the one that got that camp? I think I remember hearing Virginia on the news — although I thought it was more northeast, up toward Fredericksburg. They’re no good, no matter where they pop up.


    • Bill says:

      The campground that was hit was on the eastern shore, a long ways from here. That was tragic. There was no serious damage around here, fortunately.


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