The Earth’s White Blood Cells

We hold a weekly meeting of all employees of White Flint Farm on Sunday mornings.  In other words, once a week I have an extra cup of coffee and Cherie and I discuss farm planning and other business and administrative issues that need attention.  This time of year is so busy on the farm that if we didn’t carve out specific time for that sort of thing, it wouldn’t happen and important things would fall through the cracks.

Last Sunday we were reflecting on coming off the farm’s best week ever.  We’re adding new customers every week as the word spreads about our farm and what we’re doing here.  Folks who try our veggies almost always come back for more.  It’s very encouraging.

We just added another delivery drop to our schedule, so we’re now doing four of them each week, as well as selling at the farmers market and off the farm by appointment.  It’s keeping us very busy but we’re thrilled to see the booming interest in chemical-free, ethically-produced, locally-grown food.  Our community has been slow to get on board with this movement, but I believe the tide has now turned.

On a podcast I was listening to yesterday the podcaster commented on how the human body has natural defense mechanisms that activate when the body is threatened by illness.  Perhaps, she said, the growing food and permaculture movements are like the earth activating its own defense mechanism to fight the disease of industrial food.  I like that image.  We are the earth’s white blood cells.