Ars Moriendi


Our friends The Collection have released their new album Ars Moriendi.

It’s been in heavy rotation here the last few days.

You can listen to it free HERE and, if you like what you hear, buy a copy HERE.

You can see the video for “Gown of Green,” my favorite song on the record, HERE.

We enjoyed having the band spend a week on our farm last summer, staying in our old farmhouse and crafting this album.  They’re an awesome group of talented and inspirational young people–the kind who help sustain hope for the future.  They’re out on the road now, touring in support of the record.  Check them out if they’re in your town.

And this is the 2,000th post on Practicing Resurrection.  Looking forward to the next 2,000.


10 comments on “Ars Moriendi

  1. Martha Caldwell-Young says:

    Thanks, Bill, for sharing the work of these creative young people. ❤


  2. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, It’s really unusual for a band with that many musicians to actually last very long in our music culture of today. The Collection’s new album has thought provoking words with soothing instruments. It’s really difficult to tag their style with a genre. It’s a great mix of many. I like Gown of Green as well.

    Have a great “The Collection” Ars Moriendi day.


    • Bill says:

      Glad you liked it Dave. These young people refer to themselves as a “bamily.” Most of them live in the same community, sharing houses.

      They have a eclectic mix of instruments and styles. It’s especially fun live.


  3. First, congratulation on number 2000. It makes my 400 look ever so puny. 🙂 Second, checked out the video “Gown of Green.” Quite impressive. –Curt


  4. Congratulations Bill, 2,000 posts is good going, you could fence a farm with those. Sow the Earth with diligence and love. I’ve got to find a way to post that song.


  5. […] from their album Ars Moriendi. This video comes via NPR Music. I first heard of them from Bill at Practicing Resurrection, his blog from White Flint Farm, a good place to wander and it’s always full of wise […]


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