Summer Food

Seasonal eating is always good eating.  But particularly so this time of year.

We’ve been enjoying lots of tomatoes lately.  Scrambled in eggs with freshly picked peppers and onions, sliced thick and slathered mayonnaise on a slice of homemade bread, in delicious fresh tomato salads, and in lots of other great dishes, such as the savory tomato and squash cobbler we had for supper last night–there are seemingly endless ways to enjoy them.  And it’s hard to beat the taste of a straight-from-the-garden heirloom tomato.


Likewise the squash, zucchini, beans, peppers, eggplant and other great veggies the gardens are giving us these days.  It doesn’t get much better than a big plate of ratatouille made from veggies picked that day.




Cucumber salads are another special summertime joy.  We keep a couple of cukes sliced and soaking in vinegar and pepper in the fridge, ready to eat anytime.  Refreshing on hot summer days, they’re crunchy treats that we don’t have any other time of year.


In a couple of months we’ll transition to meals from the delicious veggies of fall.  Then I’ll probably want to rave about how great fall seasonal eating is.  But I’m in no hurry for that.  Summer tastes too good to be rushed.