Career Opportunities

The deer around here seem determined to cause me to find another way to spend the second half of life.  But, in keeping with yesterday’s post I’m trying to stay focused on the positive.  So instead of complaining that they’re now eating my tomato plants, I’ll say that I’m happy to report that they’ve only eaten some, not all, of them.

For those of you who farm or garden and have always believed, as I did, that deer don’t eat tomato plants, I’m sorry to report that in fact they do.

Yesterday morning I discovered that they’ve been munching on the young plants, taking out the buds.



I’ve never had to worry about protecting nightshades from deer.  Until now.

I spent yesterday afternoon improvising a fence around what’s left of the winter squash.  It won’t keep them out if they want in, but maybe it will at least keep out the lazy ones.

Meanwhile the purple hull peas are starting to emerge.   Deer eat them like candy, so they’re protected by electric net fencing, which will work until one of them is smart enough to realize how easily they can hop over it.  I’m hoping that won’t happen before the crop is in.


As for what I should do with my spare time if they do in all the gardens, maybe I should write a script for a movie.

Or a cartoon.

Or a children’s book.


Peter Rabbit

Or maybe I should invest in some landmines.