Today’s post should be about our adding this handsome couple to our herd.  I took some goats to market yesterday and they were there for sale.  Our young buck Valentino never lived up to his name, having no interest in doing his job no matter how much his pasture-mates wanted him to.  So I’ve been on the lookout for a suitable replacement.  We don’t like to introduce a new goat into the herd alone, so I decided to buy the pretty doe being sold with him too.

They were among the last goats sold at the auction, so I spent too much of a beautiful afternoon at the market. And to my surprise when the doe came in the bidding was very lively.  The price went much higher than I had expected and eventually I dropped out.  I didn’t want to buy the buck alone so I didn’t bid on him.  I came home without either of them, fretting the whole way that I should have stayed in and bought them.

I’m no good at auctions.  But the next time I find goats I want, I’m not going to get outbid.

Well, we’ll see.