The air is thick this time of year.  It’s sultry hot.  So that you’re wet and sticky after only a few minutes outside.

But there are treats to be had.  Like the first sliced cucumber of the year and freshly picked blackberries in a bowl of ice cream.

And, if you’re a pig, a bunch of spoiled eggs.



To each his own, I reckon.


12 comments on “Treats

  1. Hahaha … yup. At least they’re fresh farm eggs … :)) I’m sort of a blackberries and ice cream person myself ….


  2. They desrve some treats, nice gang.


  3. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, ah, yes, those dog days of summer are here. The harvest here is a bit behind but I still look forward to that first bite of bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich made with garden fresh tomatoes. To me that’s the highlight of the summer. Sweet corn would be the next enjoyment of the garden if I can just keep those greedy raccoons away from it. It’s kind of the highlight of their summer as well. It’s been so wet here that I haven’t been able to build any more fence yet. Now the race is on to get the fence built before the corn matures. …. Or not. Really, I should be able to finish 75 feet of fence in a couple months, don’t you think?

    Well, I just can’t say no to other people’s projects. I just finished up a two day patch job on some front door concrete steps for a single gal from church. She has health problems and not much money. She has the sweetest spirit ever. I just can’t say no to those kinds of people. So my projects get put on hold. Now it’s out of town for a couple days to visit friends over the holiday. There’s not a lack of things to keep me busy here.

    Have a great holiday and weekend.


    • Bill says:

      In our local food culture we don’t put bacon and lettuce on tomato sandwiches. It’s just a fat slice of tomato and a lot of mayonnaise. Not the healthiest food in the world, but a great taste of summer.

      Glad you take the time to help out neighbors. That’s important work.


  4. Buffy says:

    I hope our cool breeze makes it to you! We have had two glorious days with low humidity and highs in the low 80’s! We’ve got lots of gardening done!!


  5. shoreacres says:

    I just heard from a friend in northern Virginia that she grabbed a jacket on her way out the door this morning. I hope you’ve had a reprieve from some of that hot’n’humid. It’s here with a vengeance, and I’m reminded why I thought last summer I might try and plan for not working in August. Whether I can pull it off, I’m not sure, since I can’t push in the heat like I could 20 years ago. Heck, ten years ago. Five.

    In any event, it’s all air conditioning, some blogs, some books and a little light (air conditioned) socializing today. Funny how so many of my friends are eager to get outdoors, and I just want the shade and some iced tea!

    Your pigs, on the other hand, look like they’re doing just fine.


    • Bill says:

      It was cool today. A welcome relief. I often write my posts the night before posting them, and this one was written before it cooled off.

      The pigs enjoyed the holiday by wallowing in the mud. They’d doing fine. 🙂


  6. Fox says:

    Apparently we had blackberries at one point. In our area they’re done for the year. I’m left to cut them back because they’re attempting to take over!


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