Nature can outrun me in the summer.  I could spend all my time doing nothing but mowing grass and weeding, and the weeds and grass would still grow faster than I can cut them down.  Nature laughs at my pitiful attempts to tame her.  I’m OK with that.  I take comfort in my little victories.

We’ve had multiple days lately in the 90s with high humidity.  In other words, it’s been steaming hot.

We will go for a long time with no rain, until everything is dusty and brown.  Then it will rain torrentially and wash away the seeds and topsoil.  When I replant, Nature chuckles and bakes the soil into bricks.

The winter squash didn’t come up in those conditions.  So I replanted it and now it’s emerging. It seems we’ll have winter squash after all.


After planting the sweet potatoes I irrigated them well to make sure they would establish.  That produced a blanket of grass in the garden, threatening to overwhelm the sweet potatoes.  But after a morning with my hoe it looks fine now.  The sweet potatoes seem grateful and I expect we’ll have lots of them.


And while all this was going on, a little chick has learned to ride on her mother’s back.