A Strong Back

A farmer friend of mine once joked that if you want to be a farmer you need two things:  a weak mind and a strong back.

He’s wrong about the weak mind, but he’s definitely right about the strong back.

Saturday morning when we arrived at the farmer’s market I parked, opened the door and stepped out of the vehicle.  When I did my back went out and I almost collapsed.  I wasn’t lifting anything or doing anything that should put one’s back in jeopardy.  All I did was take a step. I made it through the morning with my back hurting the whole time.  The pain lessened in the evening and by yesterday morning I’d forgotten about it.  I left the house early to do my chores.  When I bent over to scoop out some chicken feed, my back went out again, this time worse than before.

This experience has me reflecting on how precarious this life is.  Should my back give out on me, then I couldn’t farm.  Everything I do requires a good back.  I suppose in the distant past a bad back could be a death penalty.  Hopefully whatever is ailing mine isn’t serious and I’ll be back to full speed soon.  There is way too much work to be done this time of year for me to be hobbling around.

We’re taking a break from deliveries this week as we transition from spring gardens to summer gardens.  Over the next couple of weeks our tomatoes, peppers, squash and green beans will start coming in.  What a great time of year.

We have a couple of big events on the horizon for the following week.  On the 26th Cherie and I will be speaking at the Wild Goose Festival, an event we look forward to every year.  On the day before that Dorothy McAuliffe, the First Lady of Virginia, will be visiting and touring the farm.  I’m pretty sure that will be a first for White Flint Farm.

Let’s hope my back is healed by then.