New Digs for the New Pigs

After a few days in a barn stall the new pigs have become reasonably accustomed to me.  So on Tuesday evening they graduated to the run in shed in the pasture.

In their first home here--a barn stall.

In their first home here–a barn stall.

A video of me trying to catch the slippery little rascals, and the banshee-like squealing that followed each successful grab, would be wildly entertaining I think.  But, alas, you’ll just have to use your imaginations to conjure up that scene.  Be sure to include mental images of me falling down a few times while trying to snag them as they raced by.

Nothwithstanding their reluctance to be put inside a dog crate for the trip outside (I tried to explain the situation to them, but they were unconvinced), once they were released in their new quarters they were as happy as pigs in…  Well, as happy as pigs in all the things pigs are happy in.

Cherie named this one Gracie.

Cherie named this one Gracie.

Yesterday morning when I went to check on them, a couple of them had already tunneled out and were wandering around the pasture, a day or two ahead of my plan.  My attempt to herd them back into the shed spooked the other 3, so they bolted too.  But with a little luck and some skillful manuevering (and a bucket of feed, which deserves most of the credit) I was able to get them all back into the shed.  I spent the next hour nailing woven wire fencing along the bottom of the stall to prevent any further breakouts, all the while wondering why, given that today I plan to open the gate and release them onto the six acres that will be their home for the next 4 or 5 months.


So all in all I’d say that went pretty good.

We’re glad to have them here.