Feisty Mamas

We now have two Dark Cornish hens brooding chicks and one sitting on a clutch of eggs.  It’s odd that we’ve only had three hens go broody this year and all three have been Dark Cornish.

Mama #1 with her chicks

Mama #1 with her chicks

Taking the babies for a stroll.

Mama #2 taking the babies for a stroll.

The other day I was tending to the coop and the two brooding mamas bumped into one another. They’re gentle birds and normally they get along fine, but something about the encounter must have triggered their defensive instincts. A dustup ensued.


It was over quickly and I wasn’t able to get any good pictures of it.  Partly because of all the steps necessary to take a picture with a phone/camera (press button to activate phone, “slide to unlock,” “enter passcode,” tap camera icon, aim and start photographing–most chicken fights don’t last long enough for all that) and partly because Elvis trotted over to join in, blocking my view.


Elvis broke it up. He allows no fighting, unless he's in the fight.

Elvis broke it up. He allows no fighting, unless he’s in the fight.