When we first started selling produce at the farmers market a few years ago very few people were interested in the fact that our vegetables were organic.  Some folks snickered, some sneered, some were skeptical, nearly all were indifferent.  One person told Cherie that “organic” was just an excuse to charge more (even though we priced our food the same as the chemically-grown stuff). We were the only vendor at the market with a chemical-free ethic and that ethic generated very few customers.

How things have changed.

Nowadays there are at least 6 chemical-free (the “o word” is now prohibited) produce vendors at our market–approximately half of the farmers there.  And there are enough customers for all of us.

Even though I sometimes grumble about the fact that the vast majority of the folks in our community still get their food from grocery stores, more and more people are choosing to eat seasonally and do their grocery shopping at the farmer’s market, going to the grocery store only to get what isn’t available there.

Certainly our community is lagging behind most of the rest of the country, and we have the health statistics to prove it.  But even here the food movement is alive and well.  And getting stronger every day.

As a farmer friend of ours put it, “We’re winning.”