Piggies Again

The day we get our piglets is  one of my favorite days of the year on the farm.  This year that day was Saturday.


The lucky five are now residing in a barn stall.  As soon as they’re tame enough to let me touch them while they’re eating and to come to me when I have food for them, we’ll put them out onto pasture where they’ll live great pig lives until late fall.


This crew is pretty tame already so that shouldn’t take long.  A couple of years ago I got piglets from a neighboring farmer and they were so afraid of humans that it took a month to tame them. Last year it only took about a week. This year’s piggies came from the same farm we got ours from last year.  The farmer there is kind to his pigs and they have no fear of him at all.  Our piglets haven’t completely warmed up to us yet, but they will come to us and touch our hands with their noses.  They haven’t been conditioned to fear humans.  That’s as it should be.


I expect they’ll make the transition to pasture in the next week or two.