Getting Old


It will happen to all of us sooner or later.  If we’re fortunate.

Our buck Johnny was born here on the farm.  He’s been with us since near the beginning and has fathered well over 200 kids.

But nowadays he walks slowly, and often with a limp.  He’s lost weight and vigor.  He’s not the love machine that he once was.  He’s grown old.

I remember seeing Muhammad Ali being interviewed when he was still in the prime of his career. The interviewer asked Ali if he was afraid of growing old.  Ali responded with his characteristic style and swagger, saying something like, “No!  I want to be old.  I hope to be an old, old man.”

Johnny, it seems, is ready to enter into his twilight years.  I don’t think he has any interest in fulfilling his old duties anymore, so we’ll be bringing in some new younger talent.  But we’re hoping Johnny has more many years here on White Flint.  He’ll always be remembered as the Champ he’s been.



20 comments on “Getting Old

  1. This is so sweet … the loving animals we have come to know … how they bless our lives …


  2. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, Wow, 200 kids. Just how long did it take old John the buck to sire 200 kids? You sparked some long time ago memories with the mention of Muhammad Ali. I can still remember watching the fight where he beat Sonny Liston and shocked the world. No one thought he had a chance to beat the power house puncher Sonny Liston. Love him or hate him, I had to admire how he did inject passion and enthusiasm into the sport of boxing during the latter part of the 1960s. He was probably the most memorable boxer of that century. I’m wondering now though if he would change his mind about the growing old comment since it didn’t really turn out too well for him. I thought it was really awesome for him to light the torch in the Olympics. Just as Ali will be remembered in boxing history so will John the buck be remembered on your homestead through the many generations he has produced. I hope his end of life years are filled with tender loving care as I know you will do.

    Have a great changing of the bucks day.


    • Bill says:

      Johnny was born in 2008 and started work in early 2009. We had very few goats in those days or his number would be much higher. Cherie says we should have named him Abraham.

      I don’t care for boxing these days but I was a big fan of Muhammad Ali when I was a boy. I remember having my transistor radio under the covers listening to the coverage of his fight against Foreman. They weren’t allowed to broadcast the fight, but reporters could do summaries at the end of each round. For seven rounds the story was the same–Foreman drove Ali into the ropes and pounded him for the entire round. It seemed hopeless and I was down about it. But when the next report came it was an excited reporter yelling, “Ali has knocked out Foreman!” I was thrilled. That, of course, was the famous rope-a-dope fight.


  3. DM says:

    You’re a good man Bill…letting Johnny live out the rest of his days and not just sending him packing now that he is past his prime. I don’t believe in Karma but if it really worked that way, your decision makes even more sense 😉


  4. shoreacres says:

    When I was growing up — and even more recently here in Texas — I’ve heard the phrase “old goat” used to refer to older human males, but it always was used teasingly, affectionately and with none of the negative associations that sometimes attach to “old geezer.”

    I’d say you’ve got one of the best old goats in the world. May his days be long!


    • Bill says:

      He is definitely a good old goat. He’s a big powerful buck (at least he was in his prime) but he’s always been as gentle as a lamb around humans. He’s never shown any aggression at all. I reckon he’s a lover, not a fighter. 🙂


  5. Over 200 kids is quite an accomplishment. Best wishes to Johnny in his retirement.


  6. Good thing he doesn’t have to put all those kids through college. 🙂 –Curt


  7. EllaDee says:

    Johhny looks like a sweetie. That he’s such a valued part of your farm, has and will live out his days there is very touching.


  8. Also animals deserves to get a nice time in retirement. Lucky Johnny.


  9. associatedluke says:

    A great tribute to a wonderful ol’ goat. I hope I’m the same way after I become an ol’ goat!


  10. WB says:

    I remember one time I gave him a good scratch while wearing gloves….I don’t think I ever did get the man-goat stink out of them. 🙂 May he enjoy his retirement!


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