Getting Old


It will happen to all of us sooner or later.  If we’re fortunate.

Our buck Johnny was born here on the farm.  He’s been with us since near the beginning and has fathered well over 200 kids.

But nowadays he walks slowly, and often with a limp.  He’s lost weight and vigor.  He’s not the love machine that he once was.  He’s grown old.

I remember seeing Muhammad Ali being interviewed when he was still in the prime of his career. The interviewer asked Ali if he was afraid of growing old.  Ali responded with his characteristic style and swagger, saying something like, “No!  I want to be old.  I hope to be an old, old man.”

Johnny, it seems, is ready to enter into his twilight years.  I don’t think he has any interest in fulfilling his old duties anymore, so we’ll be bringing in some new younger talent.  But we’re hoping Johnny has more many years here on White Flint.  He’ll always be remembered as the Champ he’s been.