Adding and Subtracting

The hay is in the barn, so I can check that big job off the list for this year.   Maybe.  Production is way down this year so to be safe I am wondering if I should cut some more.  I really dislike the thought of going through that process again, but we might have to.

We’re getting our pigs this week.  It will be nice to have them on the farm again.

We also should have Dominique chicks in a couple of days.  I’m excited about helping bring more of that breed into the world.  I’m not so excited about having to remove one of that breed from the world but one of the roosters attacked me again yesterday leaving me with a bruised shin, and I’ve decided that is the final straw for him. He refuses to learn and I can’t take the risk of him hurting someone.

On a more pleasant note, I got a few shots of one of our mother hens foraging in the woods with her chicks.  Needless to say, this doesn’t happen on a factory farm.