Pro Bono

It’s going to be another long day, as I have to finish cutting the hay and prepare for market tomorrow.

Here’s a factoid from this month’s ABA Journal:

67 million Americans, 21 percent of the U.S. population, are now eligible for federally funded legal assistance–an all-time high.

That’s not the kind of record we should want to be setting.


6 comments on “Pro Bono

  1. Leslie McConachie Miami, Fl says:

    I wonder how that ranks with other industrialized countries. Is ABA the bankers’ group?


    • Bill says:

      ABA is the American Bar Association.
      I’m not sure how they determine eligibility. If it’s based on the ability to afford quality legal services the number should probably be much higher. I couldn’t have afforded the services of my law firm, at least not for long. I’ve had foreign clients tell me American legal services were more expensive than in their countries, but that’s only anecdotal.


  2. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, really, I knew that there was public legal assistance here in my town because my daughter tried to use it for her divorce, they said they don’t do that. It appeared that they only did simple uncomplicated straight forward things. So the normal messy legal things of life they avoid. We may qualify for legal assistance but will it really fit the situation of life that needs it.

    May we all never need legal assistance in our life time. Have a great uncomplicated but satisfying day.


    • Bill says:

      Amen. Having been in that world for so long, I can say that lawsuits and the legal system should be avoided. I just heard an encouraging story this morning from a friend who has helped some residents of a dilapidated dangerous building finally get the attention of their slumlord, thanks to the legal aid people. But I know from experience that many people who need legal help don’t get it because they can’t afford it and I’ve seen situations where legal aid wouldn’t help. As I said above, the cost of good legal assistance is so high I’m sure the majority of Americans couldn’t afford it.


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