TV Moms

I’m about a week late for a Mother’s Day post, but catching up on my blog reading I came across a post that referenced famous TV show mothers.  It’s been a long time since I watched television, so I didn’t recognize most of them.  But there were a few from my childhood–June Cleaver and Carol Brady, for example.

There was, however, a glaring absence.

What TV Mom was cooler or more hip than Shirley Partridge?

Partridge Family


2 comments on “TV Moms

  1. Bill, Famous TV mother’s were the best, weren’t they. It was hard for me to picture them any other way when I saw them in other shows or movies and as they played a different role entirely. We laugh today at the picture perfect family that in most cases doesn’t exist in today’s world. Fortunately, when I grew up, my family was very similar to the ideal family. Dad went to work; Mom staid home to take care of the household; holidays were spent together with big dinners; vacations were spent together as a family; and life was good. I thought that was the way all families were until I started hearing stories from friends in high school about families where Mom and Dad didn’t live together and Mom had to work outside the home. It’s kind of sad to see what’s happened to Mom’s role in our culture. To me, Mom’s day of celebration has much more meaning than in days past because it’s way more difficult to be one today.

    Have a great Mom memory day.


    • Bill says:

      Mrs. Partridge was certainly not the traditional Mom. A single Mom who turned her family into a rock band touring on a psychedelic bus. That seemed very cool to me when I was ten years old.


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