Goat Morning

I found the goats relaxing in one of the most peaceful places on the farm.


Johnny has well over 200 kids to his credit.

Johnny has well over 200 kids to his credit.



9 comments on “Goat Morning

  1. Bill, wow, you have allot of goats. What do you do with all those goats besides use them to keep the pasture grass under control? I’ve never heard you talk about milking goats or using milk for cheese.

    We had our almost tornado weather blow through last night but just high winds (81 MPH) and rain (1.77 inches) in the end. It filled up my water storage tank and two 55 gallon barrels. I estimate I have about 500 gallons stored for garden watering. I should have plenty until the next rain comes through. All the plants made it through the high winds and look great. Now if the sun would come out and dry out the grass for me to mow, life would be good. 🙂

    Have a great goat watching day.


    • bobraxton says:

      is that roof rainwater harvesting? We are not yet doing that here in suburban (Virginia)


      • Bob, actually it’s 1/4 of my house roof. Two inches of rain from that section of the house nets me about 400 gallons of water. If you decide to catch rain water be sure you have enough storage because one 55 gallon barrel to store water will fill up in a flash from just a small amount of rain. It’s really unbelievable how much water comes off of a house.


    • Bill says:

      The grass here is up to my knees, but I just don’t have time to mow it. I spent all day (over 12 hours) putting in our nightshades garden. Hoping to be caught up soon.

      We raise meat goats. We sell them live, either directly off the farm or at the livestock auction.

      We’re planning to start offering goat meat later this summer.


  2. El Guapo says:

    Looks like the goats are having a much nicer morning than me…


  3. …and a horse….well down the goat line, I see. You have horses? Has that been mentioned before and I missed it?


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