The eggs from our farm are the finest available in this community.  There are none better.  That’s just an honest fact.

Our hens forage freely so they get a natural diet.  We supplement their foraging with surplus from our garden (vegetables raised chemical-free) and with a completely GMO-free and soy-free feed. They are raised humanely and they live happy contented lives.  The eggs are nutritious, wholesome and, best of all, delicious.

Last week we gave away a refrigerator full of them.

Although we enjoy giving away the food we produce, we didn’t give them away because we’re generous.  We gave them away because we weren’t able to sell them.

Yesterday we drove to the other side of the county and paid hundreds of dollars for more feed. Perhaps as we feed it to our hens they’ll continue to lay the finest eggs available in our community, which folks won’t buy.  In that case we’ll continue giving them away.  Obviously that is not a sustainable economic model.

Meanwhile, I wonder how many thousands of dozens of factory-produced eggs are purchased in our community every week.

Obviously I’m a little frustrated by our tepid egg sales, but, to be fair, for lots of people our delivery schedule isn’t convenient.  The farmers’ market opens this Saturday and when that happens I expect we’ll start selling out again.

I hope so.  If our egg business continues to operate at a loss, we’ll stop it after this year.  We’ll just keep enough chickens to provide us with the eggs we eat and, as much as I hate the thought of it, we’ll get rid of the rest of them.  Then it will no longer be possible for folks in our community to buy eggs like ours anymore.  Instead of having 99.99 percent of the market, the industrial egg companies will have 100 percent of it.