Things are still fairly relaxed on the farm these days.  There’s not much that needs to be picked or weeded.  It’s still too wet and cold to start any summer planting.  There’s no need to rush or feel pressed.

In the summer it’s usually impossible to keep up, even though the sun rises early and sets late. Those days will be upon us soon enough.

It’s almost time to cut off the wood stove for the year.  Which means I don’t have to cut any more wood for a while.  But it also means that from here on out I’ll be cutting a lot of grass instead.

A barn in the woods.

A barn in the woods.

A friend came over to fish yesterday and he landed this 3 1/2 pound whopper.   It’s one of the biggest fish I’ve seen come out of our pond.

That's a big fish.

That’s a big fish.

Then, as he was about to call it a day he made one more cast and ended up with a 6 1/2 pound monster of a fish.  Not a bad afternoon’s work.

But the other one is nearly twice as big.

But the other one is nearly twice as big.

Today I’m off to Kentucky, to defend my thesis tomorrow.