Taking Her Time

We’d been wondering why our goat Madonna was taking so long to kid.  A couple of days ago she finally had her babies and what a cute pair they are.



After the sometimes brutal kidding season this winter, it feels good to end it on an upbeat and positive note.

We also had this good news.


But so far there have only been two spears. We’ve never had the asparagus take so long to start coming up–which has me worried.  But my mother just told me that the hummingbirds have just arrived, about a month later than last year.  So maybe nature is just taking her time this year.


15 comments on “Taking Her Time

  1. What sweetie-pies they are … wonderful photo of Cherie with her arms full of little goats …
    My asparagus is still under snow … aaarrrrgggghhhhh


    • Bill says:

      I really like that picture. She’s fond of hugging baby goats.
      Sorry about the snow. Just when I thought we were breaking free of it, we’re under a freeze warning tonight.


  2. Bill, I’m glad to hear that the last of the new life to come to your homestead is strong and healthy. It’s always good to end the kidding season on a high. Good luck to you and all your new kids during the summer season.

    Upon waking up this morning, what did my blurry eyes see as I peeked out the kitchen window? SNOW. Yup, that’s right. It rained all day yesterday (1 inch) with wind gusts up to 50 MPH. Then in the evening the temperature dropped into the 20s and it snowed (1.5 inches). I think the Farmer’s Almanac was right with cold and wet for this Spring. I covered the cabbages once again in hopes to save them from the nasty weather but I suspect that the onions could be toast again. I still have enough for one last round then I’ll have to resort to sets from the local nursery. What a crazy year this has been.

    Have a great kid hugging day.


  3. I love Madonna’s watchful gaze over Cherie and the kids. Even if that *is* anthrophomorphizing, it’s still sweet. Congratulations on all of the new life around you!


  4. EllaDee says:

    The goats look like they don’t mind the hugging at all.
    It seems everywhere is a month behind, our east coast Australia weather isn’t cooling off significantly, autumn hangs onto vetsiges of late summer, and you’ve still got our winter.


  5. Bill, what a wonderful picture of Cherie and the little ones. I hope spring and summer bring many more gifts of joy for your family and farm. Spring is definitely my favorite season.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


  6. I love the way you name your goats. –Curt


  7. shoreacres says:

    I like seeing the animals in photos with you and Cherie. The kids looked much larger to me than they actually are, when I saw their first photo.

    Are they boy goats? They could be Simon and Garfunkle. 😉


    • Bill says:

      They are the two smallest kids we’ve ever had born here. They’re both spunky and healthy, but about 2/3 normal size. One of our goats was very small like these when born and she’s now the same size as everyone else.

      These are a male and female. We don’t plan to name them, since we’ve capped the herd and won’t be able to keep them.

      But we used to have a boxer named Simon. I’m sure you can figure out why we named him that. 🙂 His full name was Simon d’Scarborough Fair.


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