On the Other Hand

It’s been a couple of months now since I submitted my thesis to my advisor and reader.  So far I’ve heard nothing.  If the verdict turns out to be a significant re-write, then I’ll be hard-pressed to find time for it now that the weather seems to have broken.  So I’m choosing to believe they won’t send me back to the drawing board.  Either way I have to find time for a trip to Kentucky to defend it.

I haven’t shared anything from it on the blog.  That’s not because very few readers of this blog would be interested in it–a trivial detail that has never before stopped me–but primarily because I don’t want the blog to trigger a hit on the plagiarism check.

These days students’ papers are run through some process that compares the text to the zillions of books, papers and websites on the internet, running up red flags for copying or suspicious similarities.  I don’t want to have to deal with explaining that the “copying” is from my own blog and I don’t want to figure out whether I’m obligated to cite it.  So for now at least I’ll continue to leave Mr. Wesley out of my food movement blabberings.

But I suppose I can share my idea for a cover.

There is a life size statue of Wesley at Asbury.  He has his arms lifted, with a Bible in one hand. My thought is to have him holding some produce in the other hand.  Anyone have any thoughts on that?  Assuming the idea has merit, what should he be holding up?  A bunch of carrots?  A head of broccoli?  A cabbage? A free-range GMO-free chicken?