Another One Done

It was 86 degrees here yesterday, which just seems crazy.  Since crazy is normal these days, then I guess you could say it just feels normal.

I was able to get our spring brassicas garden planted–collards, two varieties of cabbage, two varieties of kale, broccoli, mizuna, arugula, pac choi, komatsuna, Tokyo Bekana and Chinese cabbage.  For anyone who didn’t get enough garden pictures yesterday, here’s a couple more.





Looking forward to all the goodies from this one.

11 comments on “Another One Done

  1. DM says:

    Are you guys going to have an intern again this season? The amount of time/ labor it takes to plant that much produce then care for it, harvest, and market is mind boggling to me. Thanks for the action photos. I have not been on the blog–sphere as much lately, been hitting it hard in the wood-shop fabricating…one more week then it’s back to my “real” job outside building and fixing structures.


    • Bill says:

      We only have interns for a couple of weeks and most of that time they’re in learning mode. This stuff is pretty much all on me. It gets really crazy busy sometimes, but I really do enjoy it. Most of the time. 🙂


  2. El Guapo says:

    Is that fencing sufficient to keep the fauna out?


  3. Buffy says:

    Wow! That is a lot of planting! Do you have help?


  4. bobraxton says:

    lines of pure / poetry / in the field


  5. Nebraska Dave says:

    Bill, 86 degree? Wow, that’s quite a swing from snow just a few days ago. I can’t say we have had a swing like that. We are getting some drizzly rain today so that’s a good thing. I probably won’t be getting back to gardening until next week. The weekend is full of activity with the grandson and family gatherings. As we work our way through April, more and more days will be available for working in the garden. Soon more time will be spent outside than inside.

    It looks like your gardens are coming together nicely. You should have great crops to sell very soon. Do you grow all your plants in a green house or do you purchase them at a local supplier? That would sure be allot of plants to start from seed.

    Have a great warm day in the garden.


    • Bill says:

      For the spring gardens I have to buy most of our plants. We don’t have a greenhouse and I’m limited in what I can start with grow lights. We do start our own fall transplants.

      Today wasn’t as hot as yesterday, but still warm (in the 70s). I finished putting in the final spring garden (mostly lettuces). Our next planting date is the 20th, which is when I like to plant sweet corn.


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