Asparagus Time

As asparagus season rapidly approaches, here’s a link to a site with lots of great information about the amazing veggie:

And here’s something I wrote a couple of years ago, with more interesting information about the “Aristocrat of Vegetables”:

Asparagus should be eaten when it’s in season locally, in my humble opinion. According to the linked article it should be eaten within 48 hours of harvesting, after which it begins to lose its flavor and nutritional value.

Take a look at the asparagus the next time you’re in the grocery store. Chances are it’s from Peru or Mexico. How likely is it that it was picked in the previous 48 hours?

11 comments on “Asparagus Time

  1. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, My neighbor across the street has a garden plot on Terra Nova Gardens. He wants to plant asparagus this spring. I agree that asparagus should be eaten as soon as possible after harvest but then isn’t that pretty much true about any vegetable. The taste and nutrition value starts to decrease as soon as the vegetable leaves the stalk, vine, branch, or root. I’ve never had a dislike for asparagus but then I ‘ve never had a craving for it either. I would suspect asparagus would be great in a smoothie.

    We’re still struggling with cold night time temperatures here. This morning a wake up was to 20 degrees with fog. Some times that produces a pretty picture with frost covering everything but not this morning. Day time temperatures are pretty good with usually 50s and 60s so maybe in another week I’ll be busy planting like you.

    Have a great asparagus day.


    • Bill says:

      Asparagus fresh from the garden is so much better than asparagus from a store that it really shouldn’t even be considered the same vegetable. That’s true of many veggies, but I’d rank asparagus near the top in terms of the fresh vs. not fresh taste differential.

      I planted our peas yesterday and some collards the day before. It’s wet here again today so we’re off to a slow start again this year.

      This morning was very foggy, making everything beautiful and peaceful. A fine start to a day.


  2. bobraxton says:

    also will let my spouse (Rev.) know


  3. Buffy says:

    We planted an asparagus patch a couple of years ago. I’m looking forward to my first full harvest this year! I’ll also be adding some more crowns! We love it!


    • Bill says:

      This is the first year in several that I haven’t added to our patch. There is a limit to how much we can grow because it all has to be weeded by hand.

      This year I’ll be able to harvest from last years plantings for about a week. The rest of the patch will be producing all season. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the year for us.

      Hoping you have an abundant harvest!


  4. Fortunately, there is a direct correlation between cost and freshness, at least that is what I’ve found in California and Oregon. In season means local and a lot more on the market. Prices drop and asparagus becomes affordable. When it is under $2.00 per pound, I buy. ๐Ÿ™‚ โ€“Curt


    • Bill says:

      We don’t have that much locally grown asparagus here, so that kind of price drop won’t happen. But it does happen with tomatoes, sweet corn and the popular summer veggies. That’s definitely the time to stock up.


      • I am reminded of when I was a youth and worked in pear orchards. We always shipped the best back east where they earned a much higher profit. ๐Ÿ™‚ โ€“Curt


  5. As a follow up to my James Taylor comment, (true story!) I also bought asparagus last weekend and forgot about it until today.

    I’ll go cook it now. ๐Ÿ™‚


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