Home Cooking

One of the very best things about this life is how good the food is.  I eat three home-cooked meals every day, with most of the food coming from this farm.  Although that was once the norm, it must be exceedingly rare these days.

When I was growing up it was only on rare occasions that we’d eat at a restaurant.  These days however eating away from home is increasingly common.  Consider this from the USDA:

I’m surprised that in 1970 almost 26% of American spending on food was for food eaten away from home.  I would’ve guessed the percentage would be lower.  I’m also surprised that in 2012 that number was 43%.  I would have guessed it would be even higher.

Of course all this away-from-home eating isn’t taking place in fine restaurants serving quality food.  These days over 20% of American meals are eaten in a car.

According to the USDA food eaten away from home is generally less nutritious than food eaten at home.  The rising popularity of eating away from home is contributing to the obesity epidemic and the health crisis.

There are lots of reasons why we eat away from home so much now.  Back in the day I ate plenty of meals in my car, and it wasn’t because I considered that ideal.

Still, it seems to me that we miss out on more than just nutrients when we lose our tradition of cooking and eating meals in our homes.