What a difference a couple of weeks makes.

March 6.  White

March 7. White

March 8.  Brown.

March 8. Brown.

March 21.  Green.

March 21. Green.


21 comments on “Changes

  1. bobraxton says:

    in Harlem the Rod Steiger movie character used to serve as a fence (the Pawnbroker)


  2. Are you sure you weren’t in New Hampshire yesterday, late afternoon? Say about half way between Concord and Portsmouth?


  3. shoreacres says:

    March 22. Smiles.


  4. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, March is definitely a transition month here in Nebraska as well. The beginning of the month still smacks of winter but by the end Spring is beginning to show itself. I will most likely have to cover the cabbages the next couple days as the temps will be falling down to lower 20s. I’m not too worried though as cabbage is one tough vegetable and I still have plenty under the grow lights if I need to replant. Same with the onions. The lettuce and radish seeds will sprout when ever they feel like it.

    The weather pattern has inverted and now returns to warmer weather from the couple days of cold. The Winter polar vortex has gone back to the northern pole and the southern winds are prevalent once again.

    Have a great day in the garden.


    • Bill says:

      The forecast is for more snow here Tuesday. Sigh.

      I’ve just come in from planting blueberries. Not sure how much we’ll be able to get done before the bad weather returns.


      • bobraxton says:

        the blueberry wild plants close to Bushkill, PA, were bush and came back year after year. The same here?


  5. vpfarming says:

    Beautiful. They say the watched pot never boils – maybe I’ve been doing too much watching, because here in Michigan things are still mostly white.


  6. bobraxton says:

    You have a lot of neat people Following and I have a knee-pads question. I just looked at the knees (of sweat pants) of my spouse, retired Presbyterian pastor — she has been pulling leaves out from under bushes soon to flower next month — no pads — do folks have favorites for kneeling in garden – I was searching knee pads gardening – not too expensive (under $50 ?). Hope this does not violate blog rules.


    • Bill says:

      There are knee pads you wear and knee pads you kneel upon. I’ve never had the latter. My wife got me a pair of knee pads to wear when weeding asparagus, but they were so uncomfortable I quit wearing them. They’re in the barn and I’d give them to you if you were closer. Sorry but that’s the sum total of my knowledge on the subject.


  7. df says:

    I truly hope you can keep that lovely greening landscape after your recent snow! Fantastic to see.


    • Bill says:

      Spring is definitely arriving. There were lots of robins about today. I’ve just come in from feeding our bottle-baby and it’s a beautiful night with lots of crickets and tree frogs singing. Winter nights here are totally silent.
      Hang in there. It’s coming.


      • df says:

        It is the sounds of nature, fully alive, that you talk about that is so appealing. The birds are gradually returning here, but otherwise it’s that winter silence still.


  8. Steve says:

    Here, in Upstate NY, it is snowing at the moment. Sigh.


    • Bill says:

      Over the next 3 days we have forecasts of rain and snow, and lows of 26, 24 and 24. And we’re many hundreds of miles south of you.
      I sigh with you.


  9. Winter is having a hard time letting go of North America this year, that’s for sure. We’re just back from Down Under, where they were heading into fall, and the reverse was true – Summer was lingering. They did get a cyclone while we were there, so autumn will surely win, but otherwise, it was shorts and T shirts weather by my northern standards.


    • Bill says:

      Welcome back! Hope you had a pleasant time away.

      I imagine that at some time in the not-too-distant future we’ll be fondly remembering the cold, quiet days of winter. But for now, I’m ready for Old Man Winter to go into hibernation.


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