The Last Two

We’ve had a lot of kids born on the farm this winter.  As far as I can tell there are only two pregnant mamas left–Fancy and Madonna.

Given that goats seem to prefer kidding in the worst possible weather, I rather expected yesterday’s sleet would have prompted the last two to deliver.

But, alas, the waiting continues.

Maybe today.






4 comments on “The Last Two

  1. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, kidding, lambing, calving all seem to happen at the worst possible time. I’m not sure if I just imagined it but it sure did seemed to happen that way. Although, it’s a great sign that Spring is here. I’m hoping the neighbor at Terra Nova Gardens that killed all the wild turkey poults last year, doesn’t do that again this year. All they wanted was the tiny breasts. Since the wild turkeys have free range of the garden, I have not had a single bug problem in the two years of growing there. The only thing they bother in the garden is the sweet corn. They don’t eat the mature corn but try to scratch the corn seed out of the ground and pick at the sprouts until they are about a foot high. Then there’s a reprieve until the masked marauders (raccoons) take over about the time of maturity. The night shade buggers seem to like their corn just before the peak of perfection.

    Have a great spring kidding day.


    • Bill says:

      Well they made it through another day kidless. I thought the nasty weather would send them into labor for sure. So we’re still waiting.

      I tried running our chickens in gardens to help with bugs, but it didn’t work for us. It’s great that the turkeys are your pesticide.


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