Good Timing

Just a few days ago I was fretting about whether the ground would be dry enough to permit me to plant the onion transplants when they arrived.  They were scheduled to ship on March 17, but showed up unexpectedly yesterday.  And that turned out to be perfect timing.

I’d prepped the garden in the morning–tilling it, spreading compost, then tilling it in.  It was a beautiful warm day. When I was having lunch our mail lady drove up and honked the horn, meaning she had something for us that wouldn’t fit in the mailbox.  To my surprise and delight, it was our onions.




So now the onions are planted.  I also planted spinach, Swiss chard, beets and bull’s blood beet greens.

One spring garden done, three to go.

But the others may have to wait awhile.  The forecast is for snow tonight.  Groan.


10 comments on “Good Timing

  1. shoreacres says:

    They look quite happy in their new field. I presume any snow won’t bother them? I remember our tulips thriving through late spring snows in Iowa, not to mention the blooming lilacs. I don’t know, but suspect that such snows were short-lived, and without any stretches of freezing temperatures.


    • Bill says:

      I’m hoping it won’t. As of right now all we’re getting is a soft rain. I couldn’t have asked for better post-planting conditions. But it’s supposed to turn to sleet later on, then snow. Only about an inch they say and it should melt soon, so I’m hoping it won’t hurt anything. I don’t think it will bother onions much. The lettuce I planted today may be in more danger.


  2. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, March in Nebraska can conjure up just about any kind of weather and old Ma Nature usually does. This year is no different. We woke up this morning to a nice white blanket of snow on the ground, temperature of 23, and a tree pollen alert. Welcome to Spring in Nebraska. I expect the snow won’t last long as the prediction is 43 degrees high today and 63 for tomorrow.

    The soil temps were middle 40s at six inches and middle 50s at three to four inches. I hope to be planting cold weather crops by the end of the week.

    My cabbages and onions hogged up some sunshine outside yesterday on their way to hardening off. I will put them outside again tomorrow and hopefully by week’s end they will be in the garden on their way to maturity. My plants are not quite as big as yours but I just thought I’d give growing onions from seed a try.

    It’s a good thing I don’t have to live or make a living at gardening. My joy comes mostly from growing the garden and some of the harvest goes in my Winter food storage room but most is given away to neighbors and friends.

    Have a great Virginia garden planting day.


    • Bill says:

      It was cold this morning, but I was able to get started on the lettuce. It’s raining now and supposed to turn to sleet and snow later on. It was in the 60s yesterday. That’s March.


  3. Buffy says:

    Doesn’t it feel great to get something in the ground! Your garden is beautiful!


    • Bill says:

      Thanks. It does feel good. I didn’t expect that planting window to open up. Glad we were able to take advantage of it. I still have a lot of planting to do and this bout of wetness is going to set us back on that, but I’m glad we got started.


  4. df says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how envious I am! We’re back into well below zero and frosty ground after inching towards spring. We won’t have planting weather for a good many weeks. In the meantime, I’ll watch your progress and dream about ours! Hope your snow disappears quickly and doesn’t do any damage to your seedlings.


    • Bill says:

      We all have different growing seasons. Lately I’ve been envious of the the folks farther south who are way ahead of us. I don’t think this wintry mess is going to stay around long enough to do serious damage. That’s my hope at least. But everything is soaked so we’re knocked back at least a week or more. That’s just the way it goes here this time of year.

      Hoping you’ll be out in the garden soon!


  5. vpfarming says:

    Good looking garden. Still seems weeks away for us, what with the garden buried in 2 feet of snow. But we are starting as many seeds as will fit beneath the lamps and in the south facing windows.


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