This Year’s Onions

We were scheduled to attend a workshop on high tunnels and asparagus production in a nearby town today.  But it started snowing around dusk yesterday, turning to sleet overnight and it’s still coming down.  We’re iced in.  This is the second winter blast we’ve had in this young month.

More water on top of our already saturated soil means further delays to our spring planting.  I’m going to need a good stretch of warm dry days to get the land in shape. Maybe next week.

Onions are one of the first things we plant each year–weather permitting.  This year we’re making a big change. We’ve always planted our onions from “sets,” which are basically dormant bulbs.  This year, however, we’re going to use transplants and I expect they’ll perform much better than the sets.  But there is a big catch.

We ordered our transplants from Johnny’s Seeds.  Johnny’s delivers them based on the recommended planting date in your area.  For us that’s next week.  We can plant sets whenever we like, but these transplants will need to get into the ground right away.

Will Mother Nature consent to our planting them on Johnny’s recommended date?

We’ll find out next week.