I found this in the garden last week.  Might it be a very significant paleontological discovery?

Nearby I found an object that looks very much like a marble I had when I was a boy.

8 comments on “Paleontology

  1. shoreacres says:

    That little guy is cool. I’ve been sitting here wondering dinosaurs became such a “thing” with kids. I don’t remember ever really being aware of them, and certainly we didn’t play with replicas, when I was a kid. Perhaps the fact that I didn’t have a dinosaur is the best evidence that I am a dinosaur. 😉


  2. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, after living in my current location for 30 years come this May, I still find a small car or doll part from raising of kids past. Now with my grandson living here another crop of small objects are probably being planted for future owners to find and wonder about the child that left it behind. It’s one of the joys of home ownership.

    I don’t remember dinosaurs being part of the curriculum when I went to school either but by the time my older kids, now in here middle 40s, were in school dinosaurs were big. I’m not sure when it became part of the lesson plans. Our state college has a huge museum filled with dinosaur bones. It was a day of great fascination spent by grandpa and grandson last summer. Nebraska was the home of the Wooly Mammoth and in 1967 it was declared the state fossil. Of course they had several complete Mammoths found in Nebraska there at the museum. It’s a great place to learn about the ancient history of the state.

    Of course we really can’t compete with the history of Virginia. Have a great Paleontology day.


    • Bill says:

      The garden where I found the triceratops is near where we lived when I was a boy. I definitely played in the area. In that garden I’ve found marbles, little plastic soldiers, little plastic cowboys and indians, and now a dinosaur.

      I don’t remember why I was so fascinated with dinosaurs or when it ended. I’m sure I mourned the loss of this one when it happened.


  3. I love that you found this ,,, and the marble … buried treasure …


  4. You got a triceratops resurrexit! Kids learn paleontology at primary school these days discovering objects buried in sand-trays with paint brushes and tweezers, and piece them together like jigsaw puzzles.


    • Bill says:

      I would’ve loved that. I just had books. I spent plenty of time searching for dinosaur bones around here. If I ever found any I didn’t recognize them. But I did collect a box full of arrowheads over the years.


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