Yesterday was a beautiful spring-like day.  The temperature soared into the high 60s. Birds were singing.  It was a gorgeous day to be outside.

But I spent almost the whole day in the library of our local university, poring over 14 volumes of the work of John Wesley, wrapping up the final tedious task of finishing my thesis.  As I researched and wrote it I collected quotes and information from lots of Wesley source documents, both in print and online.  For consistency and ease of reference, however, I needed to source everything to one recognized collection of his works, something I should have done all along.  So while nature was celebrating gloriously, I was holed up in a little room all day.

But it’s done now.  For better or worse, I’m through with it.

I’m satisfied that I’ve been able to demonstrate that there is a discernible Wesleyan food ethic,  consonant with the contemporary food movement.  My paper argues that our ongoing cultural conversation about food would profit from the introduction of that ethic into the conversation.

Now I’ll just wait to see what my faculty advisors think about it.

And it is very likely that yesterday was the last day of my life I’ll ever spend in a library writing a paper for school.

Postscript:  Friend and fellow blogger DM asked to me answer some questions for a series of posts he’s going to do interviewing fellow bloggers.  He’s posted his interview of me, so go and check it out if you’re so inclined: