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We’ve been snowed in the last few days.  There isn’t much that absolutely has to be done outside these days, and when we’re buried in snow the list of necessary outside jobs becomes very short.  By the way, I know those of you who somehow manage to survive in the far north (which appears to me uninhabitable) will find it amusing that we’re seemingly paralyzed by a foot of snow.  I tip my hat in your direction, in honor of your resilience. Meanwhile, we stay inside.

So these are the days for catching up on inside work.  And there’s plenty of it to do.

Yesterday we tackled one of our ugliest annual chores, which, however unpleasant, is, I’m told, one of life’s two certainties.  Although I’ve found that farming is a surefire way to avoid having to pay income tax, that fact comes at the cost of having to wade through a large pile of forms and paperwork every year, in order to account properly to our masters for our failure to multiply our talents.  It feels good to have gotten that done.

These days it’s easy to make the time for paperwork and farm planning. Most of the year there are so many things happening outside, which seem to require attention urgently, that the “inside work” gets ignored until it piles up into an intimidating mess and missed deadlines.

To avoid that, we now have a regularly scheduled weekly meeting to catch up on all planning and paperwork.  Both of us just keep a list of paperwork that needs doing or decisions that need to be made and we sort through it all over a cup of coffee on Sunday mornings.  Doing it that way has really helped us stay organized and has been a great way to keep paperwork backlogs from occurring.

Days like yesterday remind me of how glad I am to no longer be chained to a desk.

10 comments on “Inside Work

  1. shoreacres says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful photo. And what a good feeling it must be to have those taxes done. I do have my paperwork gathered up and organized – early, for me.

    I smiled at your comment about those in the far north, and your paralysis in the face of a foot of snow. Just remember, down here it only takes an inch to achieve paralysis. Everything’s relative, as they say.


    • Bill says:

      Cherie took primary responsibility for the taxes this year, so it wasn’t as much of a disorganized paper chase as it usually is. But still a pain.

      One thing about a snow in the south is that it goes away fast. We’re going to be in the 60s for the next couple of days, so the snow is all going bye-bye.


  2. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, snow accumulation is about what the area is equipped to deal with. Those in Buffalo New York scoff a couple feet of snow but Atlanta is paralyzed by only an inch. While Buffalo has a fleet of snow removal trucks and piles of snow melting sand, Atlanta has none. The crazy weather patterns have left the southern areas of the country at the mercy of nature for sure. I heard on the talk radio yesterday that this has been the coldest Winter on record for this country. I have to wonder what summer will be like. Another gardening challenge maybe?

    Inside Winter projects have definitely piled up in my household. I have been working on a few but I suspect they will not be finished when Spring weather breaks here. The onion plants are still growing well and are about five inches tall. I’m hoping to get them outside in another month or six weeks. This week will be time to start the cabbage and chives. It will be a great garden year regardless of the weather. I declare it to be so. 🙂

    Have a great inside winter project day. Since I always owe taxes, I wait until the final week before they are due to satisfy Uncle’s thirst for money.


    • Bill says:

      I’m hoping for more reasonable weather this summer. Definitely don’t want a repeat of last year. But nature will do what nature will do.

      We’ve got broccoli, cabbage, lettuce and collards started. Will be starting lots of other things soon. Looking forward to getting them in the ground.

      I have always tried to get the taxes done early, but in the days when I owed money I never sent it until the last possible date either.


  3. Farmgirl says:

    The paragraph about taxes just made me laugh out loud. We are busy getting everything done here too! Your photo is gorgeous.


    • Bill says:

      I’m glad you got a laugh out of it. I did a lot of snarling, grunting and grumbling when we’re doing them.
      It was a pretty snow. But it’s going away fast.


  4. That is a pretty photo! I have to say, I’m glad that we don’t have any snow right now though. I am done with the stuff! I don’t know how the fine people in the north handle it.

    I like how you have a weekly meeting to plan and catch up on paperwork. That’s a really great idea to avoid all of it piling up on you.


    • Bill says:

      Thanks. That is off our back deck. We’re fortunate to have such a good view.

      As for our northern friends, I don’t know whether to admire them or pity them.


  5. ladyfi says:

    How lovely not to be chained to a desk! That’s a lovely photo.


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