I don’t like trellising plants.  It’s just another example of me being hard-headed about gardening.  When I was a boy we didn’t even stake our tomatoes.  The terrapins got some of them but I as recall there was always an abundance left for us.

Now, of course, I do stake and tie the tomatoes.  But I’ve still resisted trellising.

I tried growing sugar snap peas on trellises many years ago and it was a fail.  The garden we used was still dead and poisoned.  So they just didn’t produce.

But I used their failure as an excuse not to try again.  I went right on planting large gardens of bush English peas, but never tried the sugar snaps again.  But I’m finally going to give it another shot.

This year, in addition to our Alaskas, I’m going to plant Sugar Anns, a bush sugar snap.  But I’m also going to break down and trellis some vining sugar snaps as well. Maybe I’ll even trellis some cucumbers.

I love the thought of picking peas without bending over.