Hay Y’all

This morning I’m going to roll a giant round bale of hay out of the bed of my truck and onto our primary pasture.  It will be the first time I’ve ever put out a round bale.

We used up a lot of hay during our polararcticvortexfreezeblasts and I’ve been worried that we might not have enough to make it till spring.  This big roll should last awhile, and if I roll it out all the goats should be able to eat, rather than just the bullies who dominate the square bales.  If all goes as well as I hope it might be the beginning of a new hay paradigm around here, as we transition away from making our own hay.  That would be nice.

In other news, it was over 60 here yesterday (after having been near zero a couple of days ago).  I was very happy to see our bees out and buzzing around the hive.  I thought for sure they were goners.


Our goat Sharona had triplets a few weeks back.  Barbie had a single. Somehow Barbie ended up taking over the mothering of one of Sharona’s kids. Sharona raised three through the winter last year, but this year I’m sure she’s happy to have Barbie share the load.  I don’t recall a kid ever switching mamas like that before.

Barbie and her kids.  The one on the left is adopted.

Barbie and her kids. The one on the left is adopted.

Finally, on Thursday evening I pushed the send button and sent my thesis off to my advisor and reader.  There have been plenty of times over the last year when it seemed like such a mountain to climb that I wasn’t sure it would get done.  I still have to format all the cites and footnotes and prepare a bibliography–tedious and time-consuming tasks–but those are just details and I have until May to get them done. Sometime between now and then I’ll have to defend the thesis, but I’m feeling pretty confident that the substantive work is nearly over.

And just in time for the farm work to come roaring back.