A Minus 60

This morning I walked up to the front of the farm to look at the asparagus patch.  There it was.  Just lying there.  Brown and bare.

But in about two months little spears of goodness should start popping up–the first veggies of the year and one of the best things about this life.

Last year at this time we were still harvesting broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, collards, kale and spinach.  But this year, as we brace for yet another arctic blast, our gardens have nothing to offer but the expectation of the coming year.  And that’s fine. May the frozen soil be as inhospitable to the garden-eating bugs wintering beneath it as it has been to the veggies trying to grow above it.

And winter veggies or not, asparagus is on the way.


13 comments on “A Minus 60

  1. Bill, my anticipation of the coming Spring is rising as well. It’s been a long cold windy Winter here in Nebraska. I for one will certainly be giving Spring a huge welcome. The moisture continues to evade us. Most city people rejoice at the no snow winter but unless the Spring rains make up the difference, we will be starting the growing season moisture deficit. Asparagus is usually the first here as well to raise it’s little head up out of the cold soil in the spring. Rhubarb is a close second and marks the beginning of the garden season.

    Have a great Spring anticipation day.


  2. El Guapo says:

    Sounds like a great harbinger of spring!
    I’m looking forward to just wearing fewer layers.


  3. Bob Braxton says:

    to this we aspar


  4. shoreacres says:

    It took two hours. I looked and looked at your title and thought, “What?” Then, in the middle of taking out the trash, I went, “OH!” Too funny! (And A – 60 will arrive none too soon, as you know.)


  5. df says:

    What a great harbinger of spring. We’re hoping to have our own go at asparagus this year when a friend divides some from her own garden to share with us (fingers crossed). For now, just placing our main seed order over the weekend gave me enough of a boost. Looking outside provides no inspiration at this time of the year where we are. 🙂 What a contrast for you with no winter veggies this year, but you sound very pragmatic about it!


  6. Farmgirl says:

    This will be my first year of asparagus! I do hope this cold winter will let up!


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