Making Compost Happen


Making compost is a year-round job here.  I start a new pile every year on the first day of fall, adding to it (and turning it regularly) until the following fall.  The next spring I start using it on the gardens.  Usually it’s all gone by fall, making it a two-year process.

So we always have one pile to which we’re still adding material, and one to which we’ve stopped adding anything.

We don’t use any formula for our compost.  We empty all of our compostable kitchen scraps into the pile year round (less anything the pigs or chickens will eat and the coffee grounds and tea leaves, which the worms get).  In the spring I clean the animal bedding out of all the stalls and sheds and that gets added.  During the summer we add weeds, grass clippings, and garden waste.  In the fall we add leaves.  Whenever I clean a  fish or chicken, they are added to the pile as well.  And anything else that will decompose in a year will also go into the pile.  I have no idea how our mixture compares to the recommended recipes, but it works for us.

Yesterday I took advantage of a break in the weather to clean the gutters–great stuff for compost.  I also raked up a truck load of leaves for the pile.  Adding to the compost pile is a job that’s never finished.