Nature Gives

Nature gives to every season some time and beauties of its own.
Charles Dickens



4 comments on “Nature Gives

  1. shoreacres says:

    This is lovely. It’s much prettier than the freezing rain, sleet and ice we have this morning. We were hovering around 32 when I got up, but it’s down to 30 now, and of course every bridge and elevated roadway’s a mess. Many are closed. Cold, gray and ugly isn’t nearly so satisfying as cold, snowy and pretty.


    • Bill says:

      Ugg. Sorry you’re having to deal with that.
      It’s pretty here, but bitterly cold. This is the coldest winter I can recall and it seems there’s more on the way…


  2. Bill, each season does indeed bring it’s contribution of beauty to the landscape. It’s one of the reasons why I like where I live. Each season is distinct and lasts two to three months. By the time one gets tiring the next season is near. I moved and lived in another area of the country for about seven years. After moving back to Nebraska and discovering that I missed the four distinct seasons, I promised myself that I would never leave again. That was about 38 years ago and I’ve not changed my mind. In my humble opinion, eastern Nebraska is the best place to live on the planet. Of course I’m a little biased.

    Have a great Arizonian garden day.


    • Bill says:

      I think it’s wonderful for people to be attached and rooted to a place. That’s something our modern culture has too little of, in my opinion. I doubt I’d be happy in eastern Nebraska. I think our little slice of southern Virginia is the best place on the planet for me.


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